PM Dahal stresses on reforms in university curriculum to stop brain drain

PM Dahal stresses on reforms in university curriculum to stop brain drain

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has pointed out the need of making timely reforms in the educational curriculum to stop the brain drain. Prime Minister Dahal expressed such view while addressing the 12th Convocation Ceremony of the Purbanchal University today.

“It is necessary to make drastic change in curriculum to stop intellectual brain drain by boosting the sentiment among youth-students of doing something for the nation staying here”, he explained. The PM stressed, “Curriculum should be prepared keeping technology-based innovation and research on top priority. There is a need of professional education linking with prosperity.”

Stating that the country could not achieve prosperity without participation of youths, he laid emphasis on youth-targeted entrepreneurship and innovation as well as increasing production and creating employment through human resources development. The country is looking at youths’ passion, skill, knowledge and capacity and seeking their contribution, the Prime Minister said, “The country can take benefit from 40 per cent youths of the total population of the country and we should utilize this historic opportunity.”

He further said it was necessary to change the existing educational system and situation of educational unemployment created by the existing educational system, and directed the schools and universities to impart technical and skill oriented education as educational institutions have been imparting knowledge in a traditional way. Prime Minister Dahal added that the government has shown special attention to increase people’s access to quality health service and education.

“The Purbanchal University should bring a medical college into operation by constructing necessary structures at its premises and quality health services should be provided to the people of this area”, he mentioned. The PM explained, “The Purbanchal University got the permission of running the medical college at my initiatives. I will take initiative to provide affordable and quality health services to the people of this area in coming days.”

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