Nimsdai Foundation, Khumbu RM to build porter house

Nimsdai Foundation, Khumbu RM to build porter house

The Nimsdai Foundation and Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality are collaborating on the Lobuche Porter’s Accommodation project to address the critical need for proper lodging for porters in the Lobuche area of the Khumbu region, situated at an elevation of approximately 4,940m above sea level. Lobuche serves as a crucial rest point for trekkers and climbers heading to Everest Base Camp and other destinations in the Everest Region.

Despite offering basic lodging in tea houses and guest houses, Lobuche experiences overcrowding during peak trekking seasons, leaving porters without adequate accommodation. This situation poses risks to their safety, well-being, hygiene, and fair treatment. Porters often have to sleep in dining halls, on floors, or in storage areas when existing hotels reach full capacity. Additionally, they may need to travel to distant areas like Pheriche or Dingboche overnight, resulting in compromised performance and increased expenses.

The Lobuche Porter’s Accommodation project aims to construct a dedicated porter house to provide suitable lodging for porters. The estimated cost of the project is NPR 6,39,94,193.84, with the Nimsdai Foundation contributing 96.6% of the funds and the local government contributing 3.4%. This initiative is expected to benefit approximately 4,640 porters annually who pass through Lobuche.

The project seeks to alleviate the challenges faced by porters by offering them a safe and comfortable place to stay during their journeys. By providing basic facilities in Lobuche, such as proper accommodation and amenities, the project aims to support the porters who play a crucial role in facilitating trekking and climbing activities in the Everest Region. This collaboration between the Nimsdai Foundation and the local government reflects a commitment to improving conditions for porters, recognizing them as the “unsung heroes of the mountains” and essential contributors to the tourism industry in the Khumbu region.

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