Lumbini is the fountain of Buddhism, DPM Shrestha says

Lumbini is the fountain of Buddhism, DPM Shrestha says

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Narayan Kaji Shrestha emphasized the significance of Lumbini, not only as the birthplace of Buddha but also as the fountain of Buddhism and a symbol of peace and prosperity. He inaugurated the International Conclave on Global Peace for Prosperity in Lumbini, underscoring the integral connection between Buddha, Buddhism, and Lumbini.

Shrestha highlighted the timeless teachings of Buddha on compassion, kindness, and empathy, stressing their relevance in today’s world. He emphasized Lumbini’s role in spreading messages of peace and the importance of reflecting on Buddha’s teachings amid contemporary global challenges.

The conclave, jointly hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Honorary Consular Corps Nepal (HCCN), witnessed the participation of diplomats, experts on foreign affairs, and other dignitaries. Shrestha urged for global peace, citing ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions as threats to prosperity.

He described Lumbini as a center of attraction for pilgrims and scholars, emphasizing its potential to promote tourism and investment in Nepal. The conclave aimed to connect Lumbini with Buddhists worldwide, highlighting its cultural and religious significance while also promoting investment opportunities in Nepal.

Overall, the event aimed to foster global fraternity, enhance understanding of Buddha’s teachings, and promote investment and tourism in Nepal, contributing to peace and prosperity on a global scale.

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