Presence of women Justice promotes equal justice: CJ Shrestha

Presence of women Justice promotes equal justice: CJ Shrestha

Chief Justice Bishwombhar Prasad Shrestha emphasized the importance of women’s presence in the judiciary, stating that it would promote equal justice. Speaking at the inaugural address of the first national conference of women judges, he highlighted the significance of increasing participation of women judges, noting that it would have far-reaching consequences. He mentioned that the number of women students in law education is on the rise, indicating a positive trend toward gender equality in the judiciary.

Acknowledging the constitutional provision for proportional participation, CJ Shrestha expressed confidence that the number of women justices would gradually increase. He asserted his commitment to initiating reforms within the judiciary and continuing judicial reforms during his leadership at the apex court. However, Minister for Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Padam Giri acknowledged that women’s presence in the judiciary has not met expectations despite constitutional provisions.

Former Chief Justice Sushila Karki expressed happiness at the opportunity to organize the women judge conference, emphasizing that women can deliver justice effectively despite having multiple responsibilities. SC Justice and Justice Society Nepal Chair Sapana Malla highlighted the significance of organizing and expanding the network of women judges, aiming to identify challenges and enhance their professional competence.

The conference, organized to discuss challenges faced by women judges and enhance their professional competence, featured discussions on gender justice, leadership development, and empowerment of women in the judicial sector. Participants included 43 women judges and eight retired women judges. The conference, themed “Advancing Gender Equality in Judicial System: Our Commitment,” aimed to strengthen capacity and leadership among women judges and promote gender equality within the judicial system.

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