Sweet success in Rukum Paschim as honey production hits Rs 25 million mark

Sweet success in Rukum Paschim as honey production hits Rs 25 million mark

In a sweet victory for Rukum Paschim district, this year’s honey production has reached an impressive 21 metric tons, fetching a market value of approximately Rs 25 million.

The noteworthy surge in honey production this year has proven to be a boon for local farmers, who collectively earned the substantial revenue by selling their honey. District Agriculture Development Office Chief, Min Bahadur KC, reported the positive development.

Prominent honey-producing areas in the district include Baphikot, Athbiskot, Sanibheri, Musikot, and Triveni, renowned for yielding high-quality honey.

With a market price of Rs 1,000 per kilogram, farmers are successfully selling their honey not only within the district but also in the broader market, including Kathmandu, Dang, and Nepalgunj. This has resulted in an additional revenue stream for the local beekeepers.

Chief KC attributed the successful honey production to favorable conditions, citing that honeybees had ample pasturelands due to limited rainfall during the crucial period of honey production.

To support local beekeepers and ensure sustainable honey production, the District Agriculture Development Office has implemented the Bee Block Development Program. This initiative provides much-needed support to farmers, contributing to improved honey output.

Encouragingly, around 200 farmers in Rukum West have adopted commercial beekeeping practices, employing modern and wooden beehives. The shift to beekeeping has become a lucrative venture for locals in recent years, primarily driven by the attractive income generated from honey production.

Despite these achievements, challenges persist in the sector, including the gradual reduction of pasturelands for bees, the widespread use of pesticides, and a lack of technical knowledge among beekeepers. Addressing these challenges will be crucial for sustaining and further enhancing the success of the local honey industry.

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