Skincare Trends 2021| Why You Should Buy A New Kind of Skincare

Skincare Trends 2021| Why You Should Buy A New Kind of Skincare

Happy New Year 2021 !
What is your New Year’s resolution? Mine is to help you make skincare simple and sustainable for you. I watched a documentary on Netflix, called David Attenborough: A life on Our Planet. After watching this I wanted to step to be kind. “Kind” towards things I know the best, so I made a video for you. Skincare trends 2021 and why you should buy a new “kind” of skincare. Skincare may not be like the oil and mines industry that is impacting directly on climate change but it is still something we use every day and definitely has an impact on ecological habitats. Your choice of product you want to buy and the brands you want to support is highly crucial because every decision you take makes the difference. So going forward starting 2021, let’s buy a new kind of skincare. Hi, my name is Sajana and I am the creator of Skincare with Sajana. I am a Licensed Skincare Specialist and a Certified Holistic Nutritionist helping you build confidence in your skin. Today I’m sharing 5 skincare trends that will help you make better skin care choices starting 2021. It is possible to save the world if we act now and make changes slowly with a determination to make this Earth a better place with your choices. Watch the video and share your experience with me. I am a very good listener and I value your opinion.

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