In Dolakha Bhimeshwar, it was stopped for a while from 1:43 to 2:54 today and then it stopped continuously till 3:54.It is learned that he was sweating when he entered the Guthiyar Bandh temple for the mid-day puja. V.S. The sweat on the stone of Bhimeshwar temple from 1990 till now has been taken as a sign of crisis in the country. Birajman Shrestha and Guthiyar Bharat Shrestha have stated that.

Dolakha Bhimeshwar’s ston


Sweating on Bhimsen’s rock has its own unique feature. The locals believe that the Bhimsen rock is sweating before any accident or disturbance or crisis occurs inside the country. The sweat on Bhimsen’s rock is also taken as a strong indicator of a crisis in the country. Although there is no mention of sweat coming on the stone in the old copperplate, Bhojpatra and Tadpatra available till now in Dolakha, it is said that a finger was raised on the doorstep of Bhimeshwar’s temple. Mentioned in 1832. V.S. Elderly locals say that Bhimeshwar’s rock was sweating before the 1990 earthquake.

Dolakha Bhimeshwar prepares sweaty cotton offerings for distribution to Dolakha residents and devotees

Similarly B.Sc. Before the execution of four martyrs in 1997, B.Sc. Before the democratic movement of 2007, before the ascension of Father of the Nation Tribhuvan in 2011, Before the ascension of Shri 5 Mahendra in the year 2028 BS. According to the locals, before the earthquake in 2045 BS, before the Jana Andolan of 2046 BS, the idol of Bhimeshwar was sweating profusely. V.S. The idol of Bhimeshwar was sweating twice on Magh 1, 2057 BS at 6:40 pm and on Magh 14, 2057 BS at 5:40 pm. It has been raised as a premonition of the tragic incident of the members of the royal family that took place in the royal palace on Jesth19, 2058 BS. Similarly, it came in January, 2064 BS. Similarly, on Mangir 30, 2070 BS and Magh 13, 2070 BS, Dolakha Bhimeshwar was sweating. It is linked to the earthquakes of 2072 BS. Similarly, it came from 2:55 pm to 5:15 pm on Asho 10, 2074 BS. Similarly, it came from 6:28 am to 7:25 am on Thursday, Fagun 8, 2076 BS. Carotenoid virus infection is linked to the world.

Guthiyar distributes sweat-soaked cotton and offerings to locals

Similarly, it has been learned that he was sweating when he entered the Guthiyar Bandh temple for noon worship on Magsir 9, 2077 BS. Sweating from 1:43 to 2:54 in the afternoon. Thus, the locals are saying that the sweat on the stone of Bhimeshwar will do harm to the country.

Thus, this is the 18th time that Dolakha Bhimeshwar has been sweating. Due to these events, after the sweat on the idol of Dolakha Bhimeshwar, there are indications that some events may happen in the country. There is a religious belief that if the sweat comes from the right side of Bhimsen, the royal family and if the sweat comes from the left side, the people will be disliked. In this way, when sweat comes on the stone of Bhimeshwar, sweat also comes on the surrounding Draupadi, Kunti, Gada and the pylon above the entrance, Kshetrapal (Kshapar). In this way, it is customary to wipe the sweat only from the priests who have performed diksha karma. There was a tradition of sending news to the royal palace through the district administration office with tears and offerings after wiping the sweat.

Guthiyars have been delivering directly. After the news was sent, it was customary to send goat worship from the royal palace as a form of apology. Biraj Man Shrestha, the ward chairman of the district, and Bharat Shrestha, a local guthiyar, have stated that.

The front yard when the entrance to Bhimeshwar was closed to save the locals and devotees from the infection of Kovid 19

After finding out that he was sweating, the Assistant Chief District Officer from the District Administration Office and the security forces immediately went to Dolakha and held a joint meeting with the Bhimeshwar Temple Worship Management Committee. A statement issued by the District Administration Office, Dolakha said that the decision has been taken. Thus, a representative from the District Prasad Office, Dolakha, Bhimeshwar Nagarpalika ward no. Chairman of Dolakha Birajman Shrestha, Chairman of Bhimeshwar Temple Worship Management Committee Bharat Shrestha, Treasurer Shuresh Shrestha and Advisor Gyanendra Pradhan have decided to go, said Chairman Bharat Shrestha . After sending the offerings and news to the President’s Office, it is customary to send an apology from there, said Chairman Shrestha.

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