Your confidence is lost when you have Skin concerns, I can help you gain your confidence back again.

Your confidence is lost when you have Skin concerns, I can help you gain your confidence back again.
Ms. Sajana Shrestha

Hi, I am Sajana a licensed Skincare Specialist. Whether you are struggling with skincare concerns or wanting to simplify your skincare routine, I am here to guide you to improve your skin and lifestyle. Skincare is more than buying a product from the shelves. It is directly related to your lifestyle, depending on your food intake, your stress level, and your physical well being. Transform the way you take care of your skin with me resolving the concerns from the root cause. My coaching method is wholesome and focused on what is your requirement. I first survey you. After the survey I get a good gist of your problems. Then I focus on bringing changes on your mindset, suggest a balanced diet based on your need, and customized skincare routine that is best for you.

It’s been 8 years since I have involved in the Beauty Industry working at multiple beauty brands as Skincare Consultant, Beauty Advisor, and Brand Ambassador. I became a Licensed Skincare Specialist so that I can understand the reason triggering common skin issues like acne, melasma, dermatitis, psoriasis, and help people resolve these issues working internally first and than externally second. Because when you have a skin problem your confidence is lost so I want to help you gain your lost confidence back again.

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I am the Digital Creator of “Skincare with Sajana”, I started this so I can provide you a professional skincare knowledge and pull you out of the distraction of unwanted noise in this industry. For all this helpful information, you can subscribe to YouTube “Skincare with Sajana” and follow me on, Instagram, and Facebook @SkincarewithSajana. Share this with your loved ones because you want to circulate the information about skincare from an expert.


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